A warm and windy bank holiday Monday, escaping the masses, far from the madding crowd of caravan laden motorways. En route to Ystradfellte, the family outing; a first visit to their waterfalls, heading over from Brecon along the winding, narrow and thoroughly wonderful Sarn Helen; the old Roman road that cuts its way over the barren, beautiful and windswept peaks of the Brecon Geopark in Fforest Fawr.

This is a day trip in itself, with remnants of the old cobbled path still in evidence and remarkably well preserved in certain parts. The view, as you manoeuvre your car around the sharp turns, is spectacular if not a little hair-raising as the land drops away from the edge of the road, to an open and seemingly endless roll of deep valley and rugged peaks of grey rock and yellow-green gorse. Doing well to keep my eyes on the road ahead, avoiding sudden swerves even in the face of suicidal sheep I made my way over the peak, stopping off to examine and wonder at the Maen Madoc stone (above) that stands alone in the tundra, its giant body defiant against the harsh and changing elements, conjuring images of hairy Celts and mystical Druids in mystical robes. 

Photo by: Joanne Hill

 Words: Gareth.

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