Your friendly neighbourhood writer

Yep, that’s me over there, enjoying a morning coffee by the sea. I do that sometimes. I also write things. In fact, I write lots of things, for lots of people (and sometimes even for myself).

Hi, I’m Gareth, a Cardiff based writer, delivering high quality, professional writing for your every need.

Whether for your company, your job or personal project I’ll provide the words to help the world learn of your work, your efforts and your expertise.

As a freelance writer I’ve combined my natural passion (and flair, he says bashfully) for the written word with an MA (passed with distinction) in Creative & Media Writing and more than a decade in the ‘real’ world of sales, marketing and account management for some major names in both UK and global industry.

This particular cocktail of skills and experience has meant that I’ve been able to deliver professional, quality content for all types of writing projects across any field of industry or subject-matter. I’ll strive to understand the nature of your work and the exact requirements that you’re in need of before embarking on the work itself, ensuring that the final product is exactly as you want it (and yes, that means I’m more than happy to edit and amend as necessary to get it right for you).

Over the years I’ve provided high quality writing for business, media and creative outlets in areas as diverse as finance and investment, travel and tourism, sport, film (a major passion of mine), photography, nutrition or construction – and a whole host more.

Take a look around my site and you’ll see samples of my writing and the types of writing I produce, writing I can deliver for you: poetry, features, reviews, creative non-fiction, press releases, web content and pretty much anything else that requires words.

I’ve also been known to run creative writing workshops with school kids in Cardiff where I’ve learnt as much as I’ve taught. For a more comprehensive list of projects past and present please click here.

Hiring a writer can have a hugely beneficial effect on your business: at some stage or another, for many a different reason, you’re going to require content (or words – as I like to call them). And this content needs to add value and have relevance for your success. Hiring a professional can save you time and money – increasing your productivity and allowing you to get on with the rest of your work while your writer gets on with the writing.

So why me?

The fact of the matter is I deliver what you want, when you want and how you want. I love words (not in a funny way you understand) and I love the craft of writing, be it a story, an article or a website. I like to get to know the clients with whom I work, to understand their business and form professional relationships so that I can fully get to grips with the philosophy and personality of the people and the organisation. It makes for a better experience, better end products and, frankly, a nicer way to work.

And I like to have a bit of a laugh along the way, where I can.

Please give me a call or get in touch through my contact page and find out how I can help your business. 



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