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Are you one of the countless many who ignore the huge value that regular article and blog writing can bring to your online presence, your industry reputation and long-term success?

From an SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) perspective, regularly adding new, well-written and informative content that’s relevant to your business, subject area or industry can make a dramatic effect on your online visibility and, as we search more and more for our products and services on the internet, this can be a crucial aspect in the future growth of your company.

I provide content packages that will be tailored exactly to meet your specific requirements, producing regular and affordable features, articles and blogs both to your website and, where appropriate, on other platforms, publications and social media networks. The aim is always to ensure what we deliver is of value and purpose, aimed at:

Attracting a new audience / client base

Establishing you as an authority figure in your industry

Long-term and sustained improvements in your SEO

Providing information, advice and support within your industry (make you the go-to guy!)

Drive Traffic to your site to increase sales

Engage with your existing clients for customer retention.

Blogs play an important role on your website and for your online presence as a whole. They provide you with a simple method of adding quality, relevant and regular updates to your site which is a proven winner when it comes to courting favour from the big search engines.

It demonstrates that you are looking after your site, that you value it as a fundamental part of your business and that it is there to act deliver a service to your clients.

A blog on your site can help establish you as an authority figure in your field. That you have your finger on the pulse and are there to offer sage advice when required. And, whilst that might sound a bit like patting yourself on your back with all this bigging yourself up, the reality is that customers want to know that they are dealing with an expert. Regularly posting can help this persona develop and in so doing can encourage stronger relationships with clients and business associates.

Blog Writing Can Be Time Consuming

As valuable as they are, and they are very valuable, the downside is that they need writing – and you or your staff probably don’t the time to do so.

Luckily, I can help.

By working with you to establish the needs and the culture of your company I’ll deliver a steady flow of relevant, informative and expertly crafted articles for your website and to send out across social media platforms on a regular basis.

Oh yes. One other thing. I’m not in the business of just whacking out poorly written content that has a vague connection to your business, full of spammy keywords to entice a search engine. It’s a tactic that no longer works and can make you and I both look unprofessional.

The blogs are written with the reader, not a search engine robot in mind. They will be up to date, relevant to that which is happening in your business and your industry. Crafted to inform and attract new clients with an interest in what you have to say and offer.

This can be delivered in a number of ways. Leave it to Take Note Writing to come up with ideas and write up the blogs – always with your approval before going live, if needed. Or, more commonly, we can discuss what needs to be posted on future blogs, planning days, weeks or months into the future, as appropriate. Then again, perhaps you are full of ideas that you want to get out and are happy to jot them down needing just the assistance of a professional to review, edit, proofread and general add the sheen to ensure it has maximum impact.

I’m flexible to how best it works for you and will tailor the service accordingly.

Let’s Talk.


For Your Article & Blog Requirements

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