Professional Case Studies Add Value to Your Business

Client Testimonials

Testimonials are a powerful tool in your marketing arsenal. Positive endorsements from satisfied clients can be a driving force behind attracting new business. Testimonials build trust and enhance the reputation of your product, your service and your company. Visitors to your website want to see some evidence of your expertise and credibility. Short, glowing testimonials from past customers can boost your site’s online presence, engaging and encouraging visitors to stay with you, to learn more about you and take crucial steps closer to making a purchase.

Good News Stories

Let the world know about the great things happening in your business. Whether it’s a new contract win or a year-end report that’s showing exceptional growth, people want to deal with businesses that are growing, healthy and successful. Of course, they also want to deal with businesses that are human, caring and vital in their community. So maybe combine those business successes with some stories about your HR manager’s trek up the Himalayas, that sponsorship of the local football team and the money you raised for Comic Relief. Positive messages are great for customer engagement.

Project Successes

The best way to endorse your products and services is through real-life examples of how they have helped a client. Case studies that tell the story of how you have resolved an issue or problem for a client, or how you’ve transformed someone’s fortunes, are a hugely effective way to drive new business opportunities. These are turbo-charged testimonials, detailing the entire process of how you first got involved, the issue that needed to be resolved and the way in which your product or service won the day. And then, the positive outcome and results which followed.

Professional Case Study Writing Services

Let us help tell the stories of your business, your community and your successes. As a professional writer I’ll craft compelling case studies, testimonials and good news stories that will engage your clients and deliver the positive message upon which your company is founded.


I’m based in Cardiff but work with businesses of all sizes and across all industries throughout the UK and beyond.

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