Trying to figure out the world, as he seems to have lost the instructions

All you really need to know for the moment is that the universe is a lot more complicated than you might think, even if you start from a position of thinking it’s pretty damn complicated in the first place.Douglas Adams

These are the facts:

Born, not in a crossfire hurricane, but an operating theatre in the Heath Hospital, Cardiff in 1973, I was a C-Section baby long before it became fashionable. Oh yes, and I share a birthday with Danny DeVito, Martin Scorsese and Peter Cook.

So not much to live up to then.

As a child I wanted to be Indiana Jones when I grew up. It almost happened. Like Indy, I’m terrified of snakes.
I’ve lived in Cardiff, Liverpool and Rhode Island (US of A) where I once met James Woods in a cinema, an episode more memorable to me than to him, I suspect.

Along the way I’ve picked up a BA in American Studies (yes, this is a real degree) and an MA in Creative & Media Writing from Swansea University.

Having worked as, among other things, a sales rep, sandwich maker, sausage batterer, chauffeur and cleaner these days I spend my time and earn my way as a freelance writer, producing copy & content as well as developing WordPress style websites for clients around South Wales and beyond.

And if that’s not enough I’m a husband to a wonderful wife and father to two awesome boys.
For my sins, I write fiction, a bit of poetry and blog posts – one of which almost certainly rants against people using phrases such as ‘for my sins’.

What do I like?

Being a Welshman I’ve fallen into the trap of following rugby. Which is fine if a bit of a stereotype and, to compound things I used to know the words to Max Boyce’s ‘Scottish Trip’ until I was hit on the head by a golf ball, coincidentally by Max Boyce.

I still like rugby and, whisper it – football. But what really does it for me is film, TV, literature and wallowing in the mire of pop culture from my youth. All of which I will tend to write about through misty eyed nostalgia whenever the mood grabs me.

Yes, I love Dangermouse and ‘Allo ‘Allo in completely non-ironic ways and firmly believe that Tiswas marks the high watermark of kids Saturday morning telly.

I love fiction and I love the short story – Raymond Carver, for me, is just about as good as it gets.

What I like I tend to love and what I hate isn’t much and tends to change on a regular basis.

So turn on, tune in and for God’s sake wash your hands when you’re done.

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