7 of the Daftest Things You Can Buy on Fiverr.

7 of the Daftest Things You Can Buy on Fiverr.

Are You Desperately Seeking An Impersonation of Tony Soprano?

Fiverr bills itself as the World’s Largest Marketplace for Services starting at $5. And, it probably is.

For the uninitiated Fiverr is basically a website where people can sell their services for, well, for a fiver. It is, I suppose, a bit like a pound shop for freelancers.

It’s really quite a good, simple idea and one which can be a decent source of income for a sizable number of folk looking to earn a few quid online.

Browsing the site you will find people offering content writing for websites, logo designs, video editing and other types of business and marketing services that small companies might be looking to source at some very reasonable rates.

So far so normal.

But then, browse a little more and you will find that there are people out there trying to sell, pretty much anything. Which poses a couple of questions –

  1. Why Are They Selling This?
  2. Who On Earth Would Want to Buy It?

And so, here are 7 examples of real things you can buy on Fiverr for the princely sum of $5.

1. Record Anything You Want In The Style of a Horse Race

record nearly anything you want as a horse race - fiverr

Yes, that’s right. For just $5 you too can select 6 names to be placed into a pretend horse race and have someone make a commentary on the ensuing mockery.

And, for just $5 more you can add a bugle and cheering crowd. Well, why wouldn’t you?

2. This Man Will Jump Around & Dance in a Chicken Suit.

jump around and dance in my chicken suit - fiverr
According to the sales blurb this gig is a bit silly but damn funny. A bit silly?

At least 53 people have bought this ‘service’ in the past 12 months.

And, yes, I’m really tempted to make it 54.

3. Be Un-Cursed Forever!

uncurse you forever - fiverr

If you happen to have inadvertently gotten yourself cursed by an ancient spell then this might just be the best $5 you will ever spend.

4. Customised Impersonation of Tony Soprano

impersonate Tony Soprano - fiverr

I loved the Sopranos and was truly gutted when I heard of James Gandolfini’s passing. And, really, is there a more fitting tribute to the great man than to have a message spoken by someone who may sound a bit like him?

5.Solve a Rubik’s Cube in 20-25 Seconds While Saying Your Message

speedsolve a Rubiks cube in 20 to 25seconds while saying your message i

“Hi, you can pay me $5 so that I can show you how awesome I am at solving a puzzle that was big in the 80s. Oh, and I’ll say something while I do it.”


6. Create A Video of Steve Austin Saying Your Message

create a video of Steve Austin saying your message - fiverr
I like this one although, when I first read it I assumed they were referring to Lee Majors, The Six Million Dollar Man.

Which would have been better.

7. Just Give Me $5 Please.

take a tip for a job well done - fiverr

This is a gig set up by Mandrak3 (who are the other 2 I wonder) who promotes herself as being quite a fast runner, fond of the colour green and the number 8 (and, presumably, Sesame Street).

Have read this a few times now and, as far as I can tell, she is asking people to just pay her $5 for absolutely no reason whatsoever.

So, I love Fiverr – it’s a place that can have potential value for those with a service looking for a bit of additional income but it’s the showcasing of ‘talents’ such as the above, which elevates the site to greatness.

On the Value and Reward of Content Writing

I’ve been a bit quiet on the blog front of late. In fact, taking a quick glance at the calendar I notice that more than a month has passed since I put finger to keyboard for the purposes of this little portion of the webosphere.

Not that I’ve been idle in this period you understand – not a bit of it. For starters I found myself in the entirely pleasant situation of being hired for a content writing project from the good people of UKChina Investments in London. This is a company set up to encourage investment into the UK (mainly London) from financially successful individuals and companies in China. I’ll be honest, at face value this is not a field I have enormous experience in, having never been to China nor, for that matter, ever looked to invest in the London property or financial markets.

This, though, is the challenge, the pleasure and, ultimately, the rewards of being a writer – in my humble opinion. To research and learn about something new; be it a business, subject, culture, person or environment and to then back your own ability to be able to apply your skills as a writer to create something legible, coherent and readable for the desired audience.

Now, of course, working with UKChina Investments wasn’t a complete leap into the dark for me. I’ve worked with businesses and groups of many a varied background and understand how companies tend to run, what they tend to be looking for. Nevertheless, this was still a new type of project, learning about areas of service that I’ve never personally worked in, and indeed, dealing and liaising with people I’ve never met before, not to mention the fact that this would be writing for an audience (namely wealthy Chinese business people) that, to my knowledge, I’ve never had to specifically tailor towards in the past.

This, I believe, is what the content and copywriter does – this is the value that he or she brings to a business or project. A writer who’s worth their salt will be able to learn about the needs of a the client, the nuances and particularities of each specific job, to research the subject area – after which they can apply their craft to the task, providing exactly the right voice, delivering the message to the required audience in the manner that the client wishes.

Which is why, if you’ll forgive the self-congratulatory tone, at the end of the project, you receive an email saying

“You’ve done a brilliant job! Thank you. We would definitely recommend you to friends and business colleagues. Many thanks again for your work and help”

it really does make it all the more worthwhile and doesn’t half encourage you to keep tapping away on that keyboard.

EDIT – Uk China Investments is now live – click here to take a look.

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