Web Content – Why It’s Crucial to your Website

Fresh, well written and informative content is crucial to the success of your website.

It’s long since been the case that content has been a major factor in the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) of a website, but nowadays the requirement for good quality, original and relevant web content is greater than ever.

These days, the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo & Bing store greater emphasis on websites that provide the user with quality, well-written articles and web content which are informative on the respective subject. Indeed, over the past few years Google, far and away the biggest search engine in the market (with a share close to 90% globally) have altered their search criteria and algorithms with the broad intention to give higher rankings to those sites that actively produce fresh, unique and relevant content on their sites, penalising those sites with poor or unoriginal writing. The moves, known through their wildlife inspired acronyms PANDA & PENGUIN, have had serious repercussions for the SEO of a great many websites and continue to do so today as Google amends and updates.

Original Web Content can help your SEO.

There are no guarantees when it comes to SEO. It’s a many varied, complex and often changing thing. If ever you are told that someone can ensure a high Page 1 ranking on Google, my advice would be to treat the claim with caution.

That said however, there are some standard practices that can certainly help your cause when striving for that all important high ranking. Correct use of key words in your title and meta tags on your web pages, ensuring your URL is correct and good quality (and ethical) backlinks to your site all play a part.

And then there is your web content.

There’s an oft used phrase regarding SEO and internet marketing techniques that says: Content is King. The idea being that a site packed full of content is a site destined for high rankings.

The phrase is something of a vague term in my opinion. It’s never really been that simple and post-PANDA the phrase really could do with amending to: Good, Unique Content is King.

Make no mistake, the search engines are looking seriously at promoting those sites that add value to the searcher / user. Whereas once webmasters would look to directories to purchase generic articles in order to boost the quantity of their web content this is now a practice that is likely to get you penalised by the search engines. Generic articles that are re-used across many sites, articles that are thin on information and lacking any real relevance to the search and of course, articles that are poorly written – SPAM articles overloaded on key words, designed not to be read by humans but by software – these are the types of content not wanted by the search engines and likely to be nothing but detrimental to the success of your website.

It’s now a matter of routine to see Google up the ante in its desire to elevate quality over quantity with updates to PENGUIN and the de-indexing of certain Blog Networks (a form of article distribution aimed at sending blogs / articles out to many sites in order to increase backlinks).

What does this mean to you?

Well, as a discerning webmaster or website owner, all this presents you with an opportunity.

A chance to promote your business by letting the world know of your expertise in your particular field. You can do this by populating your site with rich, informative web content on every page; fresh and regularly updated articles that have a real relevance to your prospective customer and add value to your site.

As a general rule, visitors average around 5 seconds on a webpage – that’s how long you’ve got to try and grab their attention, to get them to read on, maybe make an enquiry and hopefully get a sale.

It’s tough and there’s certainly no guarantees. But if you can produce eye-catching and informative content then not only will you be helping potential search rankings you’re also giving your business a better opportunity to prosper.

And this is where I come in.

By hiring a professional, qualified writer you are receiving the services of someone who understands the need for quality content.

I will consult with you about the products, services and messages that you wish to promote and tailor the content and articles for your site according to your specific requirements. I’ll ensure the tone reflects the profile of your company in addition to which, by hiring me you will be hiring someone who will commit to spending the time and attention on your web content so that it’s perfectly crafted, balanced and bespoke to you – rich in information, key words and, most importantly, value to your customers and to your business.

Call today for a consultation.
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